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HAPPINESS, JOY, GLORY are Within Our Reach................
The Following are Food for Thoughts

            1. Harming living beings.
            2. Taking what is not given.
            3. False speech.
            4. Sexual misconduct.

Going Astray:
                        A. Through Desire.
                        B. Through Hatred.
                        C. Through Dilution.
                        D. Through fear.

HARMFUL DEEDS do not Happen, when
                        I. Not going astray.
                        II. Not taking what is not given.
                        III. Not having false speech.
                        IV. Not having Sexual Misconduct.

            I. Avoid intoxication.
            II. Avoid roaming the street at inappropriate times.
            III. Avoid habitual parties.
            IV. Avoid compulsive gambling.
            V. Avoid bad companionship.
            VI. Avoid laziness.

Dangers Caused by Intoxication:
            a) Loss of immediate wealth.
            b) Increase of disputes.
            c) Susceptibility to illness.
            d) Indecent exposure.
            e) Social disharmony.

Dangers of Roaming at Inappropriate Times:
            1.         a) Self.
                        b) Family members.
                        c) Properties; are all left unguarded and unprotected.
            2. Can be suspected of crimes and rumours.
            3. Many more mistakes and pit holes.

 Effects of Going to Parties:
            Constantly seek
            a) Where is dancing.
b) Where is singing.
c) Where is music.
d) Where are the stories.
e) Where are the applause.
f) Where are the drumming.

Dangers of Gambling:
a)        Wining breeds resentment.
b)        The loser mourns the lost property.
c)         Immediate loosing of savings.
d)        One’s words carry no weight in public forums.
e)         Friends and colleagues display their contempt.
f)         One is not sought after for marriage.

6 Dangers Inherent in Bad Companionship:
a)        A rogue,
b)        A dunked,
c)         An addict,
d)        A cheat,
e)         A swindler,
f)         A thug,
May become a friend or colleague.

6 Dangers Inherent in Laziness:
a)        It is too cold.
b)        It is too hot.
c)         It is too late.
d)        It is too early.
e)         I am too hungry.
f)         I am too full.
The Lazy does not work. He has abundance of excuses for Not Working.

There are 4 types;
1.         Taker
2.        Talker
3.         Flatterer
4.        Reckless Companion

Identify the Taker:
I.         He comes empty handed and takes away something.
II.       He asks for more while giving little.
III.      Does things out of fear.
IV.      Offers service in order to gain more.

Identify the Talker:
I.         Reminds of past happenings.
II.       Promises future assistance.
III.      Talks of kindness.
IV.      Puts forward personal misfortune when called for help.

Identify the Flatterer:
I.         Supports your good behaviour indiscriminately.
II.       Supports your bad behaviour indiscriminately.
III.      Praises you in your presence.
IV.      Puts you down behind your back.

Identify the Reckless Companion:
I.         Accompanies you to drinking (alcohol).
II.       Accompanies you to roaming around at night.
III.      Accompanies you to Parties.
IV.      Accompanies you to Gambling.


1.         Helper.
2.        Enduring Friend.
3.         The Mentor.
4.        The Kind one.

Identify the Helper:
a)        Protects you when you are vulnerable.
b)        Protects your wealth.
c)         Protects you when you are in fear.
d)        Helps you in your tasks.

Identify the Enduring Friend:
a)        Tells you secrets.
b)        Guards your secrets.
c)         Stands with you in misfortune.
d)        Risks his life for you.

Identify the Mentor:
a)        Restrains you from wrongdoing.
b)        Guides you to good action.
c)         Tells you what ought to know.
d)        Shows you the path to Heaven (prosperity)

Identify the Kind One:
a)        Do not rejoice in your misfortune.
b)        Delights in your good fortune.
c)         Prevents others from speaking ill of you.
d)        Encourages others who praise your good qualities.

5 Ways to Respect your Parents
1.         Support them as they have supported you.
2.        Do your duty by them.
3.         Maintain the family lineage and tradition.
4.        Be worthy of your inheritance.
5.         Make donations on behalf of dead ones.

The Parents will Reciprocate thus:
1.         Restrain you from wondering.
2.        Guide you towards good action.
3.         Train you in a profession or occupation.
4.        Support you in finding a suitable spouse.
5.         Hand over the inheritance.

Student to Teacher
1.         Rises (stand up) to respect the teacher.
2.        Regularly attends lessons.
3.         Eagerly desires to learn.
4.        Duly serves them.
5.         Well receives instruction.

Teacher to Student
1.         Trains students in self discipline.
2.        Ensures the teaching is well grasped.
3.         Instructs in every branch of knowledge.
4.        Introduces their friends and colleagues.
5.         Provides safeguards in every direction.

Husband to Wife
1.         Honours the wife.
2.        Does not disrespect.
3.         Being faithful.
4.        Shares authority.
5.         Gives presents.

 Wife to Husband
1.         Being well organized.
2.        Being kindly disposed to the in-laws and house-hold servants.
3.         Being faithful.
4.        Looks after household goods.
5.         Being skilful and diligent in all duties.

How Friends and Colleagues be Respected
1.         By generosity.
2.        By kind words.
3.         By acting for their welfare.
4.        By being impartial.
5.         By being honest.

Friends & Colleagues will Reciprocate
1.         By protecting you when you are vulnerable.
2.        By protecting your wealth.
3.         Being with you when you are afraid.
4.        Do not abandon you in misfortune.
5.         By honouring your descendants.

Employer - Employee Relations

Employer to Worker:
            1.  Allocating work according to aptitude.
            2. Providing wages & food.
            3. Looking after the sick.
            4. Sharing special treats.
            5. Giving reasonable work free time.

Worker to Employer:
1. Willing to start early.
2. Willing to finish late.
3. Taking only what is given.
4. Doing work well.
5. Promoting good reputation.

The one who is Wise, Virtuous, Gentle, Eloquent, Humble and Accommodating will attain glory.

The one who is Energetic (not lazy), not shaken in Misfortune, flawless in Conduct and Intelligent will attain glory.

A compassionate friend, easily approachable, free from stinginess will attain glory.
The one with generosity, kind words, happy moods, happy with others, welfare, impartial in all things will be accepted everywhere.

These Acts of Kindness hold the world together, like the kingpin of a moving chariot. If these kind dispositions exist, the world will be a place for happiness, joy and Glory.

Taken from Buddha’s Advices to Sigalaka in SIGALOVADA SUTTA.

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