Thursday, March 5, 2015

Josh Richardson, Prevent Disease
We can learn so much about love and ourselves by observing animals. Their interactions are a sure sign of that expression through body language without verbal communication. One look at these pictures is all it takes to appreciate not only the love between animals of the same species, but also cross species.Mammals have the same brain structures and intricate emotional systems hard wired in their brains. We often do not give animals as much credit as they deserve for being complex, thinking, sensitive and empathetic beings, but they are. In fact, they demonstrate an unconditional love that all humans can learn from in their daily lives when dealing with each other. 
The emotions from animals are simple and pure. They don’t suffer from the same emotional entanglements that humans do. They don’t have love-hate relationships with each other, or experience judgement to any degree. They don’t care about how much money you make or what you look like. 
According to this study, people tend to ascribe lower levels of mental functioning to animals that they are about to eat. Another interesting study in the journal Appetite suggested that an animal’s perceived intelligence is the main factor in determining whether or not we will be disgusted by the thought of eating it. 
Emotionally, children are more like animals because their frontal lobes are still growing and don’t mature until sometime in early adulthood. If we want to understand what love truly is, our observations and research would be well invested in studying animals.

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