Sunday, October 11, 2015

Most of us have at least one good story about finding something that seemed like it was gone forever. For me, it was a ring of my grandmother’s that miraculously showed up after having disappeared for years.

Of course, my story pales in comparison to many of the incredible tales we hear at Little Things every day! After all, lots of people rediscover precious things every day, like this woman who found her wedding ring in the dump or this grieving mom who had a precious memory returned.

But very few of these stories are as complex and unlikely as the incredible journey of one GoPro camera lost in the rural wilderness north of Minnesota’s share of Lake Superior.

Kyle Puelston was enjoying an annual family trip to Temperance River, recording every moment with a GoPro strapped to his head. But when a jump into the water dislodged the camera, he assumed that those memories were gone for good.

They probably would have been if not for Chris Flores, who went snorkeling with his brother in the same stretch of river almost exactly one year later. They discovered the camera and brought it home to fix up.

Then, they discovered the footage on the camera. Chris, a family man who had recently been through a heart-wrenching experience, knew how important these memories must be to the camera’s original owners. Watch the video below to see the Chris Flores incredible efforts as he set out to track them down.

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