Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dambana is situated about 300 km away from Colombo it is near the Mahiyanganaya. Dambana is a jungle village. 

The Sri Lankan Vedda people (indigenous people of Sri Lanka) are still living in this jungle village. vedda of Dambana has own tradition and culture. Many tourists like to discover indigenous people of Sri Lanka. 

Vedda has original language. It is called as Vedda language it is different from Sinhala language. If you visit Dambana you Can learn about tradition of these people.

According to Vedda language they will call you as kakula (boy) or Kakuli(girl). You can watch vadda traditional dance and listing their traditional songs. kiri koraha is traditional dance of vedda which used to obtain  bless of their gods

Dambana is famous for bees Honey and Vedda’s Traditional foods.Vedda used bows and arrows to hunt before 1980. But they are not using bows and arrows to hunt now vaddas depend on cultivation. They use chena for cultivation. 

Sri Lanka has completely  prohibited hunting.

by Melanie 
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