Friday, October 9, 2015

Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water right after you wake up as an important healthy habit.

The water is a real source of life and the basic element of every function in the organism. With no hydration enough, it is impossible to imagine healthy circulation, kidneys, muscles and especially cleansing i.e. eliminating of the harmful substances from the organism.

Drinking water is generally good for the health, and the first thing we give someone when he doesn’t feel better is water. Unfortunately, modern times bristle with different kinds of chemicals and medicines, which suppress the fact of how plain water is important for our good, long healthy life.

Here is an interesting recommendation known to every Japanese man. It is about a Japanese therapy with water known since ancient times and ………..after the Second World War In the Japanese magazines a recommendation occurred taken from the traditional medicine that advises starting the day with larger quantity of pure water.

Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water right after you wake up as the most important healthy habit. The scientists officially confirmed the efficacy of this practice. Japanese therapy with water gives amazing results as a natural ingredient for curing meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, pain, heart problems, blood fat, kidney diseases, nervous problems, hemorrhoids, eye illnesses, menstrual problems, weakness, loss of energy and purifying the organism.

Japanese therapy with water is done in the following way:

In the morning, right after you wake up, before you wash your teeth, you need to drink 4 glasses of water, which is 640ml. in the next 45 minutes don’t eat or drink anything. Then, you can continue your habits normally.

The therapy also recommends consuming warm water in the next few meals and 15 minutes after them, then a pause of 2 hours after the meal, and again drinking water. The therapy gives extraordinary results for most of the problems and for cleaning of the organism in only 30 day practice. The recommendation is to keep this way of consuming water a lifelong rule.

There are no consequences and danger from this kind of therapies, except it can cause frequent urinating. For those that it seems hard to start the day with half liter of water, especially the old and sick people, gradually getting to those 4 glasses is recommended. You can find numerous stores of people that have improved their health, energy and physical appearance this way.

The citizens of Japan, unlike the West world, almost never use cold water with their food, and most often they drink warm tea with their meals.

The Japanese are one of the healthiest and most long-lived nations of the world, and in 2008 they have registered over 33000 people older than 100 years.

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