Thursday, October 22, 2015

It’s the story that captured the attention of international news outlets worldwide and left doctors stunned. Two rare mono mono twins were born, incredibly, while holding hands — an image that still manages to astound their mother.

Orville, Ohio residents Sarah and Bill Thistlethwaite welcomed their twin girls in May of last year; seconds after their birth in photo that moved millions, the girls reached out and clasped hands. Fox 8 News Cleveland reported that the “rare” mono mono twins, who share an amniotic sac, “happen in about one in 10,000 twin pregnancies.” They add that in some cases, complications with the pregnancy can mean that a twin will not survive. Additionally, Sarah was forced to give labor prematurely at just 33 weeks.

But despite all odds both Jenna and Jillian, born 45 seconds apart by C-section, are healthy (and growing!) baby girls.

“Everything was just so wonderful,” Sarah told Fox 8 News Cleveland reflecting back on the birth of her twin babies. “The girls, they came out, and then they were holding hands, which were crazy.”

And a year later, Sarah says the girls are just as close as the day they were born. Fox followed up with them earlier this year, only to find these two little miracles just as happy and healthy and inseparable as ever.

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