Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Louis Cook from Britain is only 27 years old, but she won`t be able to see the growing of her three daughters, Summer (6), Mayson (4) and Cloi, who is only 18 months old. The solarium is the only culprit for this.

All in all, this mother has only couple of weeks of life remaining. The frequent visits of the solarium caused skin cancer, which was diagnosed during her 10th week of pregnancy with the third child.

Louis consulted her doctor about the unusual mole she had notice on the back. This mole caused itching and it was bleeding constantly. The testing showed that the mole was carcinogen.

The mole was successfully removed through a surgery but six week later she noticed a lump on the neck. Even though Louis managed to give birth to a healthy baby, the little Cloi was born earlier.

 Although it the therapies seemed effective and promising, it turned out that Louis has two brain tumors and that she was already in the fourth stadium. This meant that it was too late for treatment.  Now Louis has few weeks of life remaining, meaning only three months life. The doctors claim that the solarium is the main cause for her condition.

“I was young and naïve and now I am paying with my life. However, I won`t let the cancer define our lives”- says Louis.

Her partner Martin returned from Afghanistan so that he stays besides her during her last days. Her family and friends are very supportive as well. They have even decided to make a big wish she had earlier come true.

Her biggest dream was taking the kids to the center “Parcs” on the last family vacation. Since the family Cook cannot afford such a vacation, her best friend had started a website where people can donate money and help Louis spend her last days in the way she had always wanted to.

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