Thursday, October 15, 2015

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted a twin sister — call it the Mary-Kate-and-Ashley effect.

I just thought it would be so cool to have a built-in BFF for awesome adventures, and maybe even for a secret language, like the one that these adorable giggly cuties seem to be working on! But I have to admit, I never thought about a scenario with more than one identical sibling.

That said, “Multiples” are getting more and more common, as couples increasingly turn to fertility treatments to help bring their little ones into this world. Just look at this couple who rapidly turned into parents of seven when they ended up with two sets of triplets!

But for one family in Iowa, the expansion from a small family unit was even faster, and even more dramatic! In 1997, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey had just one little girl, Mikayla, when they decided it was time for a sibling. Well, instead of one sibling, the ultrasound showed not one, not two, but seven little heartbeats! Bobbi was pregnant with septuplets.

Although no complete set of septuplets had ever survived before, they decided not to reduce the number of embryos, leaving it “in God’s hands.” It turned out to be the right choice. On November 19th, 1997, 9 weeks premature, Bobbi delivered all seven babies!

Now, check out what the McCaughey “septs” are up to now, as they approach their 18th birthday, and become the world’s first set of adult septuplets!

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