Friday, November 6, 2015

Imagine what this little toddler has gone through and how vulnerable she must feel. She can’t defend herself. She is barely old enough to walk or control her limbs. She is so young yet she is not even safe from her own father. She is taught to feel fear around her own parents. 

She is taught that violence, threats and aggression is the normal mode of punishment. When she becomes a mother she will teach her children to be violent, threatening and aggressive. It’s a vicious circle. How can she ever grow up to be a normal, sane woman? She can’t. She’s indoctrinated to be a womb of hate and violence.

By Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva
First Publish: 11/2/2015, 11:48 AM 

Arab citizen in Abu Gosh arrested after being filmed locking his crying infant girl in airtight plastic bucket to ‘bring her to butcher.’

Hair-raising video footage was released by Israeli media on Monday morning, showing an Arab citizen of Israel in the city of Abu Gosh to the west of Jerusalem cruelly sealing his crying infant daughter in a plastic bucket.

The abusive father, who hails from a well known family in Abu Gosh, claimed that his potentially lethal action was meant to be “educational.”

In the video, he can be heard telling his daughter that he’s “taking her to the butcher shop because he gave up on her,” before locking her in the bucket and carrying it around the city.

After the video reached the hands of the police, it was decided to summon the abusive father to an investigation, at the end of which he was arrested for abusing a minor.

He was brought in for a hearing on an extension of his detention on Monday, at the end of which an extension of two days was decided.

“This is one of the most shocking pieces of footage we’ve received,” said the police. “The man simply lost it.”

Screaming: The tiny infant was picked up by her father, in the footage filmed in the Israeli city of Abu Gosh, west of Jerusalem, before being forced into a bucket.

Vulnerable: The unidentified father claims that he only put his young daughter in the bucket to teach her a lesson.

Parenting skills: The wailing infant fights back but is no match for her father, who pushes her head down into the bucket.

No oxygen: The little child’s head disappears from view as the father seals the air-tight lid on the plastic bucket.

Questionable: He told his daughter he was going to take her to the butcher ‘because he gave up on her’. But the father defended his parenting ability, claiming it was ‘educational’.

Police probe: The unknown man has been arrested and is being investigated by police in the Israeli city.

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