Thursday, November 26, 2015

Red onion is known as an effective blood cleaner, “killer” of bacteria and germs, but it also has other advantages. 

The famous doctor of St. Petersburg Igor Knyazkin, said that red onion is a great ally in the fight against problems with the thyroid gland, so he found a way how to use it for that purpose.

He recommends cutting in half one onion, at night, before going to bed. It is simple, with the two halves easy and with circular strokes to massage your neck on the part where the thyroid gland is and leave the juice on for the whole evening. 

This will naturally stimulate the function of the endocrine organs.

Therefore, you must try this phenomenal popular recipe to treat the thyroid gland.

According to folk medicine, onions:

● Purify blood
● Kill bacteria and pathogens
● Purify the air

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