Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It’s hard losing people you were close to. It’s something we all experience, so I don’t even need to tell you. We’ve all lost someone. Mortality is a harsh reality of life. But while they may be physically gone, they can still be close to us. These are the signs that your loved one who has passed is close to you.

1. Signs at funerals.
James Van Praagh, a world renowned psychic, thinks that we attend our own funerals – not just our earthly vessels, but our spirit too. We roam the room, attempting to comfort the loved ones we’ve left behind and tell them that it’ll be okay. We often don’t notice because we’re absorbed in our grief. While attending a funeral, watch for the signs their spirit is near.

2. You’re thinking unusual thoughts.

3. Things keep going missing.
You may simply think you’ve lost your mind when you keep losing the same few items over and over again, but it could literally be your uncle playing a joke on you. It sounds goofy, but just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor. Laugh it off.

4. You can smell them.
It sounds weird, but when the spirit of a loved one is near, you’ll be able to make out the smell of them. Smell is one of the strongest sensory connections we have with people, so when you smell your grandma’s perfume or your dad’s aftershave, their spirits may be close to you.

5. They appear in your dreams.

This is another common way for spirits to communicate and interact with us. When we dream, our subconscious minds are more open to the spirit world, which allows them to come in. These dreams will feel very realistic. You may even be able to lucid dream. Pay close attention, because you might just be getting a message from beyond.

Source : dailyvibes.org

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