Saturday, December 12, 2015

The use of panty liners is increasingly popular among women, in an attempt to keep dry underwear, because of fluids, also to avoid bad smells and feel cleaner. They help, but …!!! This article will clarify these doubts and give you some tips for keeping your private parts healthy and free from annoying infections.

There are certain requirements that ensure a better state of health of our private parts, without suffering discomfort ranging from burning irritation to interfere with our daily activities, our self-esteem and even affect the intimacy of the couple.

If you really can not stop using panty liners, we give you some tips that can help prevent subsequent damage.

Tips to maintain a healthy intimate parts

Every woman is different, what for some is bad for others can do well and vice versa.

In general we can say that:

First, before buying the panty liner make sure they are breathable, free from plastic coating and, therefore, more porous. Remember that your genital area needs to be ventilated, otherwise moisture stagnates creating an environment conducive to infection.
You have to change them several times a day, every 4-6 hours maximum.

Proper hand washing before and after going to the bathroom and touching sanitary towels is just as important.

Other tips to avoid infection are:

The vaginal area is not to be completely shaved, because pubic hair protecting it.

Even proper hygiene is vital, especially during the days of menstruation.

Avoid using soap, since they can alter the pH of the vagina. The soaps for neutral or specific area are numerous and offer a good personal hygiene; the best for women are those at acid pH to keep the area clean and protected.

Use cotton underwear, which allows adequate ventilation of the area.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants for a long time, because they may increase the temperature and humidity in the area by creating a favorable environment for germs opportunists.

  • Sleep with loose clothing.
  • Avoid sitting for long.
  • Do not use deodorants intimate; fragrances only mask the odor and can cause irritation.
  • You have to keep the area as dry as possible.

Factors that favoring infections

Prolonged use of antibiotics, pregnancy and diabetes are among the factors that favor the presence of infections. If you correspond to one of these profiles, precautions should be even stricter.

Attention if you have these symptoms

  • Increase of consistency and quantity of the vaginal flow.
  • Different color secretion.Unpleasant odor.
  • Pain and burning during urine.
  • Pain during intimate moments.

Avoid to heal on your own

If you suspect you have a vaginal infection, do not treat by yourselves and consult a doctor, to intervene in time allows to use simple remedies. Treating alone only worse the situation.

It is vitally important that your doctor choose the treatment suited to each specific situation. In case you have any suspicious symptoms of vaginal infection, stop use panty liners.

Incorrectly treatment can cause urinary problems and serious infections hazardous to health.

Experts say the majority of women have suffered or will suffer from some vaginal infection. However, it would be better to avoid them than cure.

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