Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Have you ever envied a Baggins’ cozy, underground hobbit life? One company would like to make your dream come true.

Real-life Hobbit homes are being built which allow you to live underneath your lawn and garden. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble, ranging in price from about $25,000-$70,000 and taking as little as three days to erect.

Now, you and your eco-conscious neighbors can create your own little 100% eco-friendly Middle Earth, thanks to Green Magic Homes. Many styles are available for a variety of climates.

The homes are  ”clean architecture, free from moisture with smooth surfaces, washable walls, rounded corners, high strength, naturally illuminated, large spaces and endless design possibilities, whose mission is to go beyond all your expectations,” according to the company.

They describes the properties as “a unique synthesis of design that uses cutting edge materials, to produce as a result a sustainable technology, which uses the oldest building material of all, the living earth.”

The homes utilize prefabricated enforced polymer materials to form the homes.

Of the building process, they explain: “The magic of the ‘green’ and the effect of heat insulation, is provide by the earth side embankments with geo-textile, complimented with a vegetable layer on top.”

“Both embankments and top layer are wrapped in a geo-textile weft open and covered entirely with grass or other vegetation that stabilizes the Earth in the long term by the action of the rooting.”

Green Magic Homes is based in Florida, and the manufacture of the pieces is done in Cancun, Mexico. The homes are able to be shipped worldwide.

Check out these photos of their unique and cozy homes!

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