Friday, December 18, 2015

Here are Barak Obama's best qualities:

1. Intelliegence: He reasons out problems, listens to all sides and then chooses the most reasonable solution.

2. Ability to choose a competant team: He chooses the right poeple for the job, regardless if they ran against him previously (aka Joe Biden, Hillary. And Bill Clinton).

3. Coolness and patience: He doesn't lose his cool when the going gets tough. He knows all people are different and make mistakes. He makes it look easy.

4. Decisive: He's not afraid of making tough or unpopular decisions (Bailout, healthcare, killing Bin Laden).

5. Charisma and public speaking abilities: He has the ability to connect, soar and tell his story with his oratory; he understands the meaning of nuance and pauses at the right moments.

6. Persistence: Even with Republican party against him he continues on and doesn't give up.

7. Honesty: He has done or is still trying to accomplish what he said he was going to do (Stimulus package, ending the war in Iraq, increasing war on terrorists, closing Guntanemo Bay - a work in progress).

any comments....


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