Thursday, January 21, 2016

The unfortunate fact of aging is that all of our body parts get worn, but how quickly and radically that happens has a great deal to do with how we maintain our overall health. The quiz you are about to take below, hones in on our visual acuity as well on how much we challenge our brains. Apparently only 33% of the population passes this test by finding all the imbedded figures.

This may be due to a problem with your vision and/or your learning style being “FIELD DEPENDENT” or “FIELD INDEPENDENT”. If you are field dependent you may require more support and structure while learning, becoming overwhelmed by too many stimuli. 

If you are field independent you draw more on an intrinsic desire to learn or problem-solve, leaving you freer to solve problems that present you with a lot of stimulation.
Consequently, if your vision is fine, being able to find the hidden figures in this quiz or not may be due to your learning style. Field independent learners may find this task easier than field dependent ones. If you aren’t able to find all the embedded figures, you might want to check your eyesight. If all is well with your vision, challenge your brain by seeking out puzzles similar to this one, to help keep your brain in tip-top shape as you age.

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