Saturday, January 23, 2016

What would you see when you read through you to Wish list of a child?

 Certainly many things that want to have a child - but how it looks with things that actually does a child need? The many everyday needs are often met, because it's only natural that you forget how good it often already goes us, surely if the basic needs are covered, then a Barbie Dream House, an iPhone or a game console also act quickly as things that you absolutely need. But this orphan boy puts all this again in relation. I was very thoughtful when I saw this post, which now runs through the whole Internet and touched tens of thousands. The boy lives in Oklahoma in a home for abused children. Although he is only 5 years old, he has already experienced and suffered, as a human being should ever much more. 

This is demonstrated by his desires:

Things I want in my Family:

         • I want food and water.
         • Do not hit me.
         • A house with electricity and running water.
         • I want to love.
         • Mom and Dad will not argue.
         • I do not want drugs.
         • Do not kill my pets.
         • Help in school.
         • Beautiful, clean clothes.
         • No lice. No bugs in the house. A Clean House.
         • A clean bed with sheets.
         • Do not sell my toys.
         • Fair are treated.
         • Not get drunk yourself.
         • A TV in the house.
         • Let me keep my games.
         • School supplies.
         • Beautiful shoes, my own comb, soap.
         • A good house and security.
         • A heating. Jacket. Toothbrush.

This list has me out again just how happy I can consider myself and how important it is to share this happiness with others, to whom life was less friendly. It can be so easy to help and there are always children who remind us of what really matters in life. Around the world, people share their feelings, are affected and wish the little ones a lot of strength. 

Hopefully he soon finds a family who can give him the love and care that he deserved.


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