Monday, January 11, 2016

Agnes Hedengård is 20 years old and a very beautiful young woman. The swede is 1.80 m tall, slender and sympathetic. Everyone who sees her thinks she must be a model. And until recently, they were right.

At 15 years old she was already receiving modelling jobs, and later she won second place on "Sweden's Next Top Model". But at some point she stopped receiving offers, the agencies were avoiding her. The unfathomable reason: she was too fat!

At that stage she was 1.80m tall and weighed just 56kg, making her clearly underweight. Her BMI was just 17.5 - normal is around 19/20. However, Agnes continually heard: "No, she is way too fat. We can only work with her when she is in better shape. A model can not look like that." Then she makes a courageous decision. In just her underwear, she stood in front of the mirror and made a video to show the world what the fashion industry considered  "fat".

She had had enough of these unrealistic standards and wanted to set an example: "If a body like this is too fat, then the modelling industry has a problem. They're setting an unhealthy and dangerous image for young women and society." Since then Agnes has been working part time in a clothing store, because her figure makes her unacceptable for the industry. It's for this reason that she literally holds a mirror in front of the industry. She's giving everyone the courage to love their bodies as they are and hopes that the the industry will one day recognise how gruesome and unrealistic their standards are.

Wow, the standards are even crazier than I thought. Personally, I wish she would put on a couple of kilo. If you would also like to see a better example set and want to raise awareness of the fact that there are still changes needed in the fashion industry, then share this article with all of your friends!

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