Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Every great meal needs a side. For example, what would a nice indian curry be without rice? It'd only be half as good. But like all good side dishes, rice is abundantly high in starch, which the body instantly converts into sugar (glucose) and then, is ultimately responsible for all of those pesky kilos and excess weight. But there is a simple trick you can do to change it.

The trick is done right at the beginning: before you boil the rice, add a heaped tablespoon of coconut oil into the pot.

Then add the desired amount of rice and let it sweat. Stir a few times. 

Now add the appropriate amount of water (one part rice to two parts water).

Give it another good stir and then:

Put the lid on it! As soon as the water starts boiling, you can turn the stove down to the lowest heat.

Another 5-6 minutes later, turn off the stove completely. The residual heat is easily enough to finish cooking the rice

When the rice simply falls from the fork, then it's perfect. And thanks to the coconut oil, it only has half as many calories. So then: give it a try and be amazed!

The principle behind it can be easily explained: by adding the coconut oil, the simple carbohydrates in the rice turn into resistance starch. The human body cannot completely digest this starch and therefore gets converted into energy. Therefore the intake of calories is automatically reduced, but the taste and saturation is completely unaffected.

Tasty food and with only half the calories? Must taste even better, and everyone can dig in heartily!

Definitely share this trick with everyone. Almost nobody here knew it!

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