Thursday, March 3, 2016

OMG! When I showed my mum this video I thought she was going to pass out with excitement. At first she thought it was a gag…but as the realisation set in that you can grow tomato plants so easily, she was in awe!

Every summer all I hear is the tomato growing rivalry between her and my dad. In pots or in the ground? Use seedlings or seeds? They even resorted to sourcing plants from their friends in the quest for the best tomato plant with the biggest yield. Now they have various species of tomato plants growing in their yard, tagged with the corresponding name of their donor friend, like Giovanni, Maria, Giuseppe etc. Quite funny actually.

To say my parents are a little crazy when it comes to their beloved tomatoes is an understatement. So you can imagine the joy I felt to show my parents this video and how easy it is to cultivate their own tomatoes from any tomato species they come across, and later be able to share the bounty with their friends and family.

I would love to know if you try this at home. Even better send some pics!

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