Monday, March 21, 2016

Let’s talk about lemons.

First, you probably know the term lemon (when not talking about the citrus fruit) refers to a car that has been found to be defective after it’s been bought. (Most of us do.) But you may not know the term’s true origin.

Urban legend has it that the term originated from a time when horse sellers would cram a lemon up a sick horse’s rear to make it perk up when the new owner inspects it.

And now you know.

But while an ordinary lemon sounds bad enough, I’m sure any horse would rather endure that than a flaming lemon.

Wait, a flaming lemon? How?

I asked myself the same thing when I first saw the video below on YouTube channel North Survival. I’ve heard of many strange things being done with fruit in my time but lighting a blaze with citrus is a new concept.

It turns out you won’t even really require anything too fancy to create a lemon blaze, either – some zinc and copper nails, wire, steel wool and a material that ignites are all you need.

A fascinating chemical reaction occurs after construction, and the wires are able to generate electricity. Once you touch them to the steel wool (and kindling of your choice), you’ll have yourself a nice toasty fire in seconds!

Lemons aren’t the only produce you can do electrifying things with, either – check out this cool guide to building a potato clock!

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