Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tattoo’s have slipped away from the subcultures that kept them alive and into the mainstream, but they still carry a lot of negative stigma. Slowly the common vision of professionalism and an ‘upstanding citizen’ has a couple of tattoo’s. As the older generations that saw them as forms of rebellion and low class fade out of the picture, the new generations are getting sleeved up.

People don’t get to choose their genetic, they do get to choose their tattoos though. A great way of expressing yourself and adding your personal touches to your body, the process itself is good for you too! The University if Alabama published a study detailing how people with multiple tattoos have better immune systems than those without ink.

Participants in the study, receiving their first tattoos, did not experience any significant boost to their immune systems. The second or third tattoo is when the body begins to raise it’s antibody count.

“Among the participants who had their first tattoo, the escalating cortisol levels caused a huge decrease in immunoglobulin A,” Tech Times reported. “But for those with multiple tattoos, they had only slight drops in immunoglobulin A levels before and after the sessions. Researchers suggested this could be due to a stronger immune response.”

When you get tattooed the body feels as though its been under attack for a length of time. After the trauma it returns to its natural baseline, a natural equilibrium. After repeated stressors the body’s baseline is raised, making it harder to dis-balance. Immunoglobin A is the bodies leading defense strategy against infection and viruses like the common cold.

The study was limited in it’s scope, with 29 participants and only five of them were male. The participants were from the ages of 18-47. There are plans for a more extensive round of study as there are beneficial implications here. We may be able to, without getting tattooed, naturally raise the body’s defense when we need to.

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