Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Back in January of 2016 the world took notice when Anja Ringgren Loven discovered a boy that was on the brink of death, on the streets of Nigeria. She had gone there on a rescue mission as a Danish aid volunteer worker. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to find but she came across this little boy and it was a life changing moment for him.
To show how far Hope has come since she found him, Anja took a picture of him drinking from a water bottle on the day he was starting school. It recreated the photo that was taken shortly after she had originally found him. He has made an amazing, full recovery and lives in an orphanage that Anja runs.
The orphanage is filled with kids who suffered the same fate as Hope did at a young age. He was abandoned by his parents and accused of witchcraft. The same as all of the other children he now lives with. By looking at the children it’s hard to determine just what the parents were thinking and what they were using as proof of this but the kids are probably much better off in Anja’s care anyway.

This starving child was found in Nigeria back in January of 2016. He made world news as he was found abandoned and in very poor health.

One year later he stands with the woman who rescued him, Anja Ringgren Loven, on his first day of school. Both of them look quite different one year later.

The boy was named Hope and it was determined that his parents abandoned him. Hope was accused of witchcraft which led his parents to their decision.

When Anja found him she immediately brought him to the hospital. Hope was suffering from malnutrition and stomach worms.

When he was getting ready to start school he got a nice haircut. His life is much different today.

It was a slow recovery for Hope. It took almost eight months before he started gaining weight and having energy to burn.

His full recovery is amazing. Hope doesn't look anything like he once did, thanks to Anja.

Hope now lives in an orphanage that Anja runs. It is filled with other children that have been abandoned by their parents, accused of witchcraft.

It's hard to tell what kind of witchcraft Hope was accused of doing. In the state he was in when he was found he certainly wasn't doing any.

The orphanage that Anja runs has proven to be a life saver for Hope. He now lives about as normal a life as you could expect.

Anja is part of DINNødhjælp ("Your Relief"), which is a Danish volunteer organization that is active in Nigeria. She is one of the ones that makes a difference in the world.

The now brunette Anja wrote on her Facebook page “All children have rights and those rights must be protected, always.” She is one of those in the world that backs up her words with actions. Good for her.

Look at the difference one year of love and caring has made. Hope now looks like any other boy just starting school. He has Anja to thank for his second chance at life.

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