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Native American symbolism encompasses nearly all animals with most holding meaning for the different tribes, one such group are the birth animals.

Many Native American tribes believe we are assigned an animal at birth and that we then inherit the traits and qualities of that particular symbol.

Unlike the astrological zodiac, these go a little further than just suggesting character traits and can be viewed as guidance for the role they take in life.

OTTER: JAN 20 – FEB 18
Off-beat and unique the Otter is a proud individual, who can sometimes use unconventional methods to get what they want.
While some might view the quirky Otter as unusual, being able to take a different approach usually pays off and they often come up with the most effective ways to sort a problem.

Intelligent and with a large imagination, the Otter has a unique perspective on life and natural intuition that gives it the edge over others.

Their sensitivity and attentiveness make them good friends, while their courage and honesty mean they are usually someone you can rely on.

They’re not completely perfect though and when alone an independent streak can make them rebellious, isolated and at times unscrupulous.

Deeply loving and emotional, but with a need for freedom, the Wolf is a complex and contradictory symbol.

A passionate creature with a generous and giving nature, they appreciate better than anyone the need to feel love and are willing to provide it in abundance.

While they are driven by the idea of love, they also fiercely guard their independence and don’t like the feeling of being tied down, which can provide some conflict in their personality.

Like the soaring Falcon, this symbol is a born leader.
Always ready to take the initiative and with good natural judgment, the Falcon is the kind of person you want around in a crisis because they will inevitably get stuff done.

Their love of taking the lead and jumping into action can make them, at times, appear arrogant but when their opinion is most of the time correct it’s easy to accept their slightly conceited side.
Even though they fly above the rest of the symbols, they are deeply passionate, supportive and gifted at keeping a relationship alive.
Their forthright nature means they can, at times, be impatient and susceptible to vanity.

The Beaver combines a cunning and sharp powerful mind with an attitude that favors maximum efficiency.

They want to get the job done and will adapt and overcome any situation to achieve this.

A powerful force when it comes to business and combat, the Beaver has a sharp wit that can defeat any adversary.
They can be held back at times by their “my way or the highway” attitude, but are blessed with a compassionate, generous and loyal nature.

DEER: MAY 21 – JUNE 20
The Deer is lively and energetic with a sparkling personality and quick wit, who is able to raise a smile from anyone with their gift for humor.

An entertainer and lively conversationalist, they are the life and soul of the party, who get an invite to every social gathering. Their natural intelligence means they hold the attention of most in the room, who are drawn to their warmth and humor.

Being aware of their charms and attraction means they can be susceptible to being self-involved, though these are usually forgiven because of their amiability.

Not everything about the Deer is attractive, they can be prone to moodiness and at times are two-faced.

The most nurturing of the symbols, the Woodpecker is supportive, empathetic and caring.

They are ideal when in need of support because of their talent for listening and with an understanding nature that makes them inspiring partners and friends.

A frugal attitude, the Woodpecker is known to have a tendency for thriftiness and a talent for organization, but does have a softer and romantic side.

They are also prone to possessive and at times jealous.

Dynamic, intuitive and focused, the Salmon is a live-wire with an infectious energy that is hard to ignore.

They are goal-orientated, with a need to find purpose in life and those who encounter them will struggle to resist joining whatever project they have chosen.
Don’t let their boundless enthusiasm fool you, they are stable and calming by nature and can be sensual when they need to.

A practical and methodical mind the Bear is a hard-worker with a generous heart and giving nature.

Exceptional judges of character, they are often the mediators during tense or stressful situations and combined with a calm and patient temperament, it can make them ideal teachers.

Prone to shyness and modesty, you won’t find them boasting about their attributes or achievements so their best qualities could be gone unnoticed.

The Raven is an energetic, natural charmer that has no problem attracting people.

They somehow manage to have both an idealistic and diplomatic outlook on life, creating a balanced and refreshing view of the world.

Their easygoing and patient nature make them natural born romantics, who are patient and intuitive in a relationship.

SNAKE: OCT 23 – NOV 22
The Snake is the most spiritual of the signs and those who are born underneath it are viewed as having a unique link to the spiritual world.

Thanks to this deep connection, they often seem not ‘of this world’ and so can give off an air of mystery and secrecy and at times appear dark and frightening.

This is usually far from the case and in reality, they are sensitive and caring people, who are passionate in a relationship.

OWL: NOV 23 – DEC 21
The Owl is bursting with energy, eager to try everything and live life to it’s fullest.

For this reason, it’s hard to pin-down them down as their personality, views and even life goals can change at a moments notice. They love to keep things moving and have an unrivaled zest for adventure that makes them ideal travel companions.

Their easy-going attitude makes them a friend to everyone as they’re able to adapt to most situations. This isn’t always the best idea though, as they can be careless and reckless when it comes to decisions.

Attentive and sensitive, their energy can make them overindulge at times and they can be guilty of excessiveness.

GOOSE: DEC 22 – JAN 19
A tenacious and driven character, the ambitious Goose will achieve anything it sets its mind to and usually excel in all they attempt.

While they are fiercely competitive, the Goose isn’t motivated by approval of others, more likely it will be their own desire to success that drives their determination.

At times this can make them guilty of obsessive and addictive behavior, but they are also passionate and humorous and outgoing by nature.


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