Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You put yourself first, which means you are rather egoistic and self-centred.

But you are also honest and straight-forward. You say what you mean and you expect the same from others, which means that sometimes you don’t pick up hints. You are rather practical, than emotional and definitely not very romantic. Cheese things and gestures are unattractive to you.

What turns you on is intelligence.
You cannot have a relationship with an unintelligent person, although physical attractiveness is also important to you.  You need dates and attention (cuddles, hugs) to feel appreciated.

You are a rather private person, who needs time to open up. You are able to control your emotions and feelings. You want attention and enjoy being taken care of. You value gifts as expressions of affection.

You expect to be cherished and cherish your partner as well. You want to try new things and you are willing to experiment.

You are a strong individual, who also needs closeness and togetherness. You want to have someone by your side and that someone ought to be good-looking and a true friend.

You need a lot of attention and want to be worshiped. If a person does not meet these requirements, you are willing to wait for the one who will. You can easily control your desires and actions.

You are headstrong and like getting your own way. You never give up – once you want something, you find a way to achieve it. You are a talented person with a free mind. You are also a problem-solver and people turn to you for help.

You are extremely loyal and you can get jealous of others. You look for unordinary things and people.

You are a chatty person and need someone by your side who is a great listener. You are turned on by brains, not by looks. Your lover must also be your friend and companion. You like flirting, but when you find someone special, you are truly committed and loyal.
You like closeness, but sometimes you prefer a good book to a lover.

You are a true romantic, who worships your other half. You like flirting, but with someone special, you are truly loyal and committed. You are a generous lover and a sensuous person.
You are a fan of dramatic love scenes.

You are a perfectionist and you want that perfection in yourself and in your partner. You are really selective with your lovers and you only settle for the best. You are looking someone, who is intellectually challenging and who can enhance your status.
You make yourself a priority and everything else comes second. It may be difficult for you to show emotions and let people in.

You are a perfectionist and it is hard to satisfy you. You are strong in your beliefs and it is hard to influence you. You are not willing to settle for less than a perfection when it comes to a partner.

You are looking out for yourself and that means that you are really careful with getting close to other people. When you do find someone special, you commit totally and you are a very sensual and patient lover.
You invest in people, which means you contribute your time and your close ones can always count on you.

You search for love and appreciation. You enjoy pleasure, luxury and sensuality. You can spend hours on foreplay. You like to feel worshiped and you look for partners, who know what they are doing.

You have a free mind and you are willing to try new things. You are always looking for new adventures, because you hate feeling bored. You are not a steady person and your relationships does not last longs.

You are idealistic and romantic. You believe in great love stories and want to experience one yourself. You are looking for a deep and strong connection, which can last through distance and time.
You have a lot of energy and when you get something to your head, there is no way to stop you (you can even dance till the sunrise)

You are kind-natured & loyal, which makes you an excellent friend. You also don’t fool around and say what you mean. You don’t settle for less, so you are willing to wait for the right person for a long time.

On the outside you can be shy and secretive, but on the inside you are sexy, sensual and passionate. You are an expert in love life and you take it very seriously. You are selfless, generous and giving.

You love glamour and attention. You need cuddling, loving and to feel appreciated. You are a true romantic and you need to have someone by your side.

You are very open-minded and willing to try new things (also in bed).  Looks are not as important as intelligence to you.

You are headstrong and do not take other people’s advice. You always want to be right and win – it is your main focus. You can be pretty self-oriented and selfish.

You tend to forget about your friends and family and just enjoy yourself. You appear innocent and shy, but on the inside you are totally the opposite. It is hard for you to open up to people and express yourself. You also have very high standards and you are not easy to impress.

It is hard for you to find someone, because you are looking for perfection and you are not willing to settle for less.

You are very creative and artistic, which can also make you emotional and intense. If you are in a relationship, you are truly committed. You want someone as passionate and as intense by your side. You need to feel loved and appreciated. Your greatest love stories only happen in your imagination.

You are a free spirit, who is opened to try new things. You cannot be stopped once you decide on something.

You are energetic and fun, but not opened about your desires. You are a committed and passionate lover and look for the same qualities in a partner.

Your passion can also turn into  jealousy and possessiveness. You have an open-mind and you are willing to try everything once.
You are focused and able to work really hard for a goal.

You are very self-conscious and constantly worried about your reputation. You are turned on by the full package –  good looks and intelligence. You love to fight, because it turns the heat up.
You have an open mind and you are willing to try new things. You are a social person, who enjoys attention and flirting.

You are a very active and energetic person, who need to be on a move constantly. It is not easy for you to find someone, who can keep up with your pace.  You are a caring and enthusiastic partner and you need love and attention from your partner.
This attention is best shown by romantic gestures such as flowers, chocolate and surprises.

You are open-minded and romantic. Intelligence turns you on and you need someone who can keep up with your active lifestyle. You choose intelligence over looks every day. You are looking for acceptance and approval from other people and you always want to be the best.

You are generous, selfless and giving, which makes you a great friend. You like to be in the centre of attention and you can easily get jealous of other people.

You are willing to wait for the right person for a long time, because you are romantically idealistic. You also do not fool around and when you have found someone, you are 100% committed.
Pleasure is always more important to you than business. You can easily control your emotions and actions. A lot of people are attracted to you because of your sweet and kind personality.

You are a private person, who doesn’t express emotions and thoughts. You do not like change, you need stability. You are a hard-working person, who patiently works their way to the top. When you put your mind to something, it is impossible to change it.

You know how to flirt and you dream about great love. You often do not take advice from other people, which can end badly for you in many ways.

You are a true romantic and you are only happy when you are in love. You need to be in a relationship and when you are not, you are always looking for new people.  Romance to you is a challenge that needs to be accepted. You live for excitement and adventure.
You love to get attention because of your physical appearance. You also enjoy giving gifts and putting others’ needs above yours.

You are a strong person, who can easily deal with fear and danger. You are a free spirit, who needs space and excitement. You keep your distance and do not open up easily.
You are attracted to eccentric persons and you do not think that age is a barrier.

You are a egoistic headstrong, who goes after their desires for whatever it takes. You are also proud and determined. You like the idea of love and you are easily willing to try it with different persons. You idealize romantic love scenes and want the same in your relationship.
You are wiling to go all in but you also want to keep things exciting by playing games.

You are a talented and an active person, who gets easily bored. You need to do something constantly to keep yourself busy. You are great at multi-tasking, which applies to activities and person (so having more than one relationship is more than okay with you).

You are an independent romantic. You are also sensual and open-minded. You seek attention and appreciation from other people. You need to have control – in your life and in relationships (which tend to end badly). You need to be the best at everything you do.

You are a true romantic and you give everything you have to your partner. You are often blinded by the feelings and do not see the other person’s mistakes. You want to be a knight on a white horse, who saves the day.

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