A ten-year-old girl who fought off a
bloodthirsty alligator with her bare hands claims they’re ‘misunderstood

The Florida sun was fierce and high
when ten-year-old Juliana Ossa went in Orlando’s Mary Jane Lake. Her attempts
to cool off came to a sudden end when an alligator attempted to kill and eat

Wading in a foot of water, the
terrified youngster was grabbed around the leg by a nine-foot alligator. Many
people would have been paralyzed by fear. Not Juliana. Her survival instinct
kicked in. She began to scream and hit the creature. Unfortunately, it had
little effect. The reptile still had her leg in its mouth.

The quick-thinking youngster recalled a
survival tip she had learned in Gatorland theme park. Without a second to lose,
Juliana shoved two fingers up the predator’s nostrils. The trick saved her
life. The reptile couldn’t breathe unless it opened its mouth. When it did, the
little girl was able to free her leg and prevent further injury.

A nearby adult grabbed Juliana and took
her to the safety of the shore. She was shaken but had survived an attack by
one of nature’s deadliest creatures.

In the wake of the ordeal, Juliana
said, “If you want to save your life you have to stay calm.” She then added, “I
think the alligator thought I was like this enormous piece of chicken.”

Juliana had been bitten at least seven
times. There were several puncture wounds to the back of her knee and she
needed 14 stitches.

Paramedic Kevin Brito said, “She was a
tough little girl. She said that if something is going to attack her, she has
to attack back.”

Much to the dismay of Juliana, the
alligator has since been captured and killed. The brave little girl has no
hatred towards the predator who attacked her. Instead, she described it as a
‘misunderstood creature.’

Juliana said, “I still feel they have a
cute inside because they’re misunderstood animals. It is now in heaven and it’s
an alligator angel.”

For a ten-year-old girl to fight off an
alligator is rare enough. Her refusal to give in to blind fear and bitter
hatred is rarer still. Rather than condemn the alligator as a mindless monster,
Juliana chose compassion for a wild creature governed solely by its instinct.


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