The move you have been anticipating for the longest time is finally happening, isn’t it? Time to get all excited and begin preparations for a smooth move.

You have ensured getting yourself the best packers and movers and before they enter your home, there are a lot of things to be kept ready and done.

When you consider doing these important things, you make the move easier for you and the team that would arrive to pack at your home. We have listed out some extremely important things to be done before Packers and Movers are at your door.

1. Dispose of unwanted items first

This is the first step that would be mentioned to you by any professional moving company as well. No team would want to arrive at a mess of a home where you are yet to dispose of things that aren’t needed for your new home.

Items which are in mint and fine condition can be donated to those in need. It could go to children’s homes and do not think of this as a dumping ground to get rid of dirty and worn out items.

2. Dispose of items which are dangerous or useless

Do not wait for the team to arrive at your home to get rid of all the hazardous items at your home. This could range from items that could contain glass to ones that have toxic liquids in it.

Most of the companies have restrictions when it comes to packing items which are hazardous. Read their manuals well in advance and do not wait for a last minute change from them.

3. An inventory list of all the things you are moving
This is one list you cannot avoid making and makes it easier as you unpack in your new home. This detailed inventory is needed to know the number of items being moved.

This way, the Calgary movers will take care of the entire relocation service end-to-end by placing the correct number of items.

It gives you a sense of safety to know what all you own and not be clueless at an important occasion like relocating.

4. Pre-pack an essential bag of items

This is your go-to bag as soon as you move into the new home. After a long day of moving, you would mostly not be in the mood to unpack and take out essentials like a change of clothes, toiletries, gadgets.

It’s a great idea to pack them all in a bag carefully and take them out when needed. Imagine your phone running out of battery and you have to ruffle it out of the multiple boxes in the room. That is truly a nightmare coming alive! Ditch that and go for this step which will be extremely useful.

5. Prepare some snacks for the movers

This is our last tip before the team comes in and it’s great to be a good host. Wonder how you would do it when the kitchen is all packed?

No harm in getting some bottles of juice and some snacks. This could only put the movers in a better mood for the huge task ahead of them.