As the adage goes, a dog is a person’s best friend. As a result, you want to ensure that your favourite pooch is treated like royalty they are. Everything adds up, from taking a walk through the park to giving them their favourite snack. Down the line, you may even want to get them a special gift to showcase your love for them.

Instead of just going the common route for a small toy or something similar, why not go for a gift basket? Typically reserved for humans, a gift basket can still be constructed fully of dog-related goodies. The items you include here can also range so that you have a lot of room to experiment.

Here are seven dog gift basket ideas for pet owners:

Idea #1: Food

Of course, similar in vein to their human counterparts, a dog will love a good meal. The sustenance you provide your pup can range depending on various factors. When building a gift basket, however, you should include items with a good shelf life. That is because they can be used for the long term instead of the short term.

However, you may want to place them in a way that captures the dog’s attention first and foremost. They may be captivated by the imagery on the bags of food presented before them. It certainly goes a long way when you showcase your love to them. Nothing exemplifies love more than a full stomach, after all!

Idea #2: Toys

A small toy here and there for your dog can be excellent ideas for gift baskets. You should try thinking outside the box when making a gift basket. The playful items you include here should represent a couple of factors. First, they should be comfortable enough to play with.

Ensure they are not hazards, as you do not want your dog to have an accident inside its mouth. In this regard, it is encouraged to go with very soft, chewy toys. It is an awesome way to play fetch with them since the toy will have incredible replay value. A few tennis balls inside the basket can work too.

Idea #3: Pillows

Dogs, regardless of their size, are fairly energetic animals. They seem to have unlimited vigour and want to play with you for hours. On the flip side, they will eventually run out of their juices, just like their human owners. Once they do, they will look to rest on something comfortable.

Why not throw in some comfy pillows when you put together your gift basket? Brand new pillows are a great way to show your puppy they are appreciated at every turn. You also can pick pillows that are made out of unique materials. This allows them to fall asleep faster if the pillow’s quality is pristine.

Idea #4: Harnesses And Collars

At some point, you will be headed out for a walk around town with your dog. Depending on the location, you will have to keep your pup on a leash for safety reasons. If your dog escapes your immediate view, it is important to keep identifying details on them. A customized collar would be a great first step.

Throw in a couple of cool collars, each of which can come in various colours or fonts on the front side. A customized harness may also be recommended since it could be used to identify the dog further should it become lost. Even though it is less likely, your dog could still go missing at some point!

Idea #5: Clothes

Many dog owners do not dress their dogs up when taking them outside. You may want to change your mind when the colder season kicks in. So, place some snug articles of clothing inside the gift basket, and you will be good to go. It also allows you to get creative with your appearance!

Idea #6: Bowls

Your dog can use the food or water in a bowl throughout the day. If you consider upgrading it, put a new bowl inside the gift basket. It can come in a new look or material, ensuring your puppy has something better to use during the day.

Idea #7: Treats

Sometimes, you do not need to place full-on meals inside the gift basket. Rather, treats that can be consumed immediately upon opening can be put inside. Dog treats are always welcome by your canine; it shows that you love them more than ever!